band number
A-150.00 mandatory
    B- 250.00
blue or checker class
2 bird long avg.
other color class

* all birds must be in the 150.00 class

* the ''B'' class, enter it
AFTER the 225 mi station.  B class will be for the 300 and 350 mi. stations

* color classes need to be entered
before the first avg. speed or checker class 50.00
all other color class is also 50.00 WTA   best avg. 4 races

* 2 bird long avg. marathon entry is 100.00 (for 2bird team) WTA.  enter this
AFTER the 250 mi race.

* weekly sprint series is as usual A) 25.00 and B) 50.00 WTA each week, first bird clocked starting
at the 1st avg. speed station.   paypal or checks ok.

                                                    850 781 6444