Comega Supreme by Animed.   Omega 3-6-9 with D-3
Comega Supreme is the product of choice for all the
essential fatty acids our birds need.   Gallon price can
range from 20.00 to 24.00 at your local feed store.  If
none of your feed stores have it,  get it on Ebay or ask
your Petsmart dealer to get it for you.   All the birds on
our property get this product on their feed.   


*  Race entry fee of $250.00 , enter the birds YOU want to enter       

*  This is a regular 4 race series with training twice a week between each official race

*  This race gives the breeder many options for entries.   Enter 1 bird, your whole team, or none at all.

*  Option 1)  100.00 avg. speed per bird, prior to official races starting.    

*  Option A)  enter any bird or birds for this main prize class.....250.00 ea.  Payout at 325 mi. station

*  Option 2) Grizzle Class champion bird....100.00  prior to official races starting.  winner take all.

*  Option 3) Champion Breeder:    best avg. speed..3 bird maximum.   200.00 entry   50/30/20  payout

*  each race:  25.00 and 50.00 class entries for top bird.....winner take all

100 mile final toss     150 mi first race      225 mi. 2nd  race    275 mi. 3rd race    325 mi. final race

                                  Optional 400 mile race 10 days after the 325
*  Perch fees:   4 birds or less 125.00            5 birds or more..100.00

*  Trackable GPS on the training truck  *  Video cameras on landing board and entry traps

eptember 15th.

*   We will not alter any wing flight feathers on any birds for this race

*   Breeders retain ownership of birds   *   IRS form for winnings of $600 or more

*   By entering, breeders agree to all management decisions
Accepting birds until September 15th
Ship to Bill Hatcher 6097 Allentown Rd., Milton

Florida.   32570    /    580 235 3388
A new concept in one loft racing that gives you the breeder, total control of the birds on your team.

By paying the perch fee are racing.    Just about every OLR in existance has a mandatory

Entry fee for your entire team.     At Redline, all entries and categories are purely optional  to you.

Makes no difference whether you enter any of the options or not, the end result is that your team will

be racing the complete series with twice a week training between races.    You can choose to enter

any of the classes that exist such as average speed etec. before the first official race.  You can enter

one bird or multiple birds, however you feel about your team AFTER training.    You can choose to do

the weekly entries in the winner take all classes as your birds performances improve.   All options are

designed to give the breeder choices as to WHERE to enter and WHEN  to enter their birds.

Bottom line is,  at the end of the series there will be the CHAMPIONS who outperformed the rest of

the field......complete with their photo and breeders photo.    Whether those champions win any of


THE OVERALL WINNING CHAMPION BIRD...........may not even be entered in any classes but is

                                       STILL  THE OVERALL CHAMPION BIRD !!